The fragrance of Armenia in blossom

Hanami is a centuries old tradition in Japan during which only the elite in the past and nowadays anyone who wishes gather and enjoy the magnificence of sakura (Prunus serrulata) and cherry blossom in general.

Vardan of the pink (Arm. Vardaguyn – the color of roses) city

n the changing world, changing city, changing streets and shops, revolutions and the crossroad of human relationships, flower-seller Vardan and his smile have remained unchanged in the Nalbandyan‒Sayat-Nova crossroad for already 15 years.

A nontraditional photo story about a legend:  Do you believe it too?

Despite the fact that the Armenians who are in love don’t ignore Saint Valentine’s Day, the Armenian Apostolic Church has a movable holiday of Saint Sargis ‒ the captain, who is considered the patron saint of loving couples.

Your winter holidays in Armenia

All of us differ in our preferences. Though there’s one thing in common- all of us like traveling, also in winter. And if you belong to the type of people who like to combine the winter holidays with extreme and sharp emotions, then we offer you several types of winter tourism, that may be realized in Armenia.

He also entrusts us with his luggage…

In all the seasons of the year we are the ones who provide your New Year’s magic- a magic when the hours’ count, the safe flight and warm atmosphere reverse the geographical boundaries. And this photo story is your New Year’s magic- with us.


   A double Lenin’s prize, the October revolution, the Peoples’ friendship, “The Honor sign” Order Knight, USSR honored tester-pilot and finally- the hero of the Soviet Union. This is all about one person. And that person is our compatriot Gurgen Rubeni Karapetyan.

10 points: What should be done in Voronezh

We’ll forget about the passionate Flamenco and the bright night life in Spain, the sunny beaches and warm sea countries. We’ll forget Egypt, where one of the Seven Wonders of the world- the Great Pyramid of Giza is preserved and Czech Republic, known to the world with its bear and go to Voronezh. I’ll try to represent my adventures in Voronezh in 10 points.


Yerevan is one of the most ancient cities in the world which is 29 years older than Rome.


            The watch that became a lighthouse for all the meetings in the Square had been working uninterrupted for 77 years. Who are  behind the watch’s infinite work? Who always provide the right time for us and annunciate the beginning of the most important events. We decided to “enter into the time” and see the other side of the watch.

Fruits of Armenia

Armenia is famous for its sunny country, which has a large assortment of fruits. In order to get a harvest, the peasants make an incredible effort, putting their soul into the landwork. Perhaps, that's why Armenian fruits, vegetables and green acquire such exceptional taste qualities! We would like to present you Armenian fruits, which you should definitely try while visiting Armenia.