Israel at the Crossroads of Modern and Traditional

Israel at the Crossroads of Modern and Traditional


If you decide to change your life on a journey like Jews’ informal anthem "One way ticket" song of the "Eruption" group of, Israel is a right direction. The contemporary and traditional are mixed creating full of contrasting but harmonious atmosphere. The locals love to repeat that the country is prospering because Jerusalem prays, Tel-Aviv enjoys, and Haifa works.

Jerusalem is the oldest capital of the Middle East. It is a sacred place for all Christians, Muslims and Judaism believers. The city is divided into old and new parts. In the first part there are four clear cultural divisions between Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim districts. There are more than two thousand amazing, magical historical and cultural monuments here. Additionally, the two most popular tourist destinations of Israel are in Jerusalem: "The Wailing Wall” and the Cathedral of the Resurrection.

If you are believer or not, when you have set foot on the land of Israel, you should see the "The Wailing Wall” and must leave a letter to the Creator. There are huge queues to accomplish this simple operation. The territory of the Holy Resurrection Temple is also crowded. According to the Bible, this church was built in the same place where the body of Jesus Christ had been put then resurrected.  Hence, all believers of all over the world come to bow down and pray.

Those who want to experience the rhythm of nightlife in the seaside city go to Tel-Aviv or begin their journey from there. The “Armenia” airline carries out flights by this city airport twice a week to Yerevan-Tel-Aviv and vice versa. Details here:

The trip will be not only comfortable but also affordable, as the ticket cost starts from 58 EUR. It is also not difficult to get to the city center or neighboring towns from the airport. 

But Tel-Aviv is also distinguished by the fact that you forget about everything. You try to visit at least one of the many museums and concert halls and theaters. To see the underground archeological museum, S. Petros Church, "Andromeda Stone", "Hanging Tree", Dream Bridge, "Arbash" Park. “The Jaffa port” (also known as Namal Yafo) has been built for having a cup of coffee and sharing impressions

After Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv it's time to visit the Haifa. This is a "working" city and the most famous tourist destination are the Bahá’í Gardens. The cascade park with 19th floor falls smoothly down the slope of the Caramel Mountain into beach. At the top of the complex is a huge temple with golden dome. Locals claim that the garden was created by a paradise similar and is a birthplace of harmony.Haifa is also attractive for its diverse and affordable restaurants. When you come here, you want to taste the traditional dishes of the kitchen, such as: pharaoh, humus, shakshuka, burekas, regelash, khala etc.

At the end of the journey you can sink into  the Jordan River where,  according to Bible, was christened the Christ. Or just lay on the salt water of the Dead Sea, because here the body does not dive and read one of  many Israeli writers’ book.

10 points: What should be done in Voronezh

We’ll forget about the passionate Flamenco and the bright night life in Spain, the sunny beaches and warm sea countries. We’ll forget Egypt, where one of the Seven Wonders of the world- the Great Pyramid of Giza is preserved and Czech Republic, known to the world with its bear and go to Voronezh. I’ll try to represent my adventures in Voronezh in 10 points.