A glimpse of Yerevan

A glimpse of Yerevan

You may consider yourself a happy person, if you open the window of your hotel room in the morning and watch grey Mount Ararat with 5000m height standing high in front of you.

Ararat is the most beautiful in the morning, when the day just starts and the sun rises.

At that moment Ararat seems so close that you think you can just stretch your hand, take some snow from the top of the mountain and get acquainted with the history of the whole nation.

Yerevan is also a unique city because there are such places here, from where you can see not only the whole city with its beautiful architecture, but also Ararat Valley and even the neighboring country.

It seems that you see not only Armenia with its historical capital, but even a whole planet.

I quickly put on my clothes and try to have a cup of tea, simultaneously admiring indescribable beauty of Ararat.

The tea was so fresh as if I tasted it for the first time. Then at the hotel they told me that it was a mint tea, which grows only in the mountains. It's wonderful that here you can get acquainted with the local nature even through the tea and see that there are numerous mountains here: big and small, close to one another like children of large families.

Here I am, right in the center of Yerevan, on the Republic Square. I did not expect that the central square of such a small city, like Yerevan, will be so wide.

All around you there are almost identical buildings of pink tufa stone and with unique architectural solutions. Pink tufa is an undividable part of the architecture of Yerevan (just from here came the name Pink city). The combination of these 4 buildings is also amazing: on one hand, there is the Government building, on the other hand is the History Museum, and on the next side – “Armenia Marriott” hotel.

There are dancing fountains here in the evening. Everything is so consistent: the music, the colorful fountains, dancing to the music that you do not even feel that you lose control over your hands and feet dancing to the music of World Classics. And you are not dancing alone, you are dancing with fountains, which occasionally touch you and leave.

My next stop is the Opera House. So as to reach it you should pass the latest Avenue of Yerevan, Northern Avenue. There are so many people here in the evening that it seems you may even get lost here. You can hear everywhere the musician's unique Armenian music, accompanied by duduk. I'm already at the Opera House.

There are two more squares here: Freedom Square and French Square. There are so many open air cafes and restaurants around the Opera House that you cannot even count. Here, for sure, you will not stay hungry. For the first you can taste typical Armenian dishes, which are so tasty that you can't help eating more and more.

Then you can have a cup of coffee, after which you can have a rest at Swan Lake after walking for such a long time and conclude everything you have seen and felt. During that time you can keep your eyes on the swans. There are two of them which swim together all the time. It was amazing that during all that time they did not even separate for a minute.

The next stop is Cascade Complex…

Jrotsi: on the Wet Tracks of the Funniest Holiday of Summer

Vardavar, Vardevar, Vardevorv, Jrotsi (watering): the breezy holiday of hot summer is known among people by these names. There is one aim ‒ to be refreshed, the wish is to have fun, the purport is to purify and be purified, and the celebrating is simple, funny and easy.