The mood and discoveries of the Stavropol Krai

The mood and discoveries of the Stavropol Krai

The gates of Stavropol Krai open at the airport of Mineralnye Vody. From the very first moment, fresh air and abundance of greens promise the paradisiacal rest encirclement of picturesque high mountains and numerous mineral sources.


The picturesque and wonderful landscape of this region surprises with its reliefs. Especially notable the lowland of Mineralnye Vody surrounded by 17 heights with interesting and unique outlines. Each summit  has a typical interesting name – Sharp, Obtuse, Bull, Camel, Dagger and etc.  The known and attractive  downhill skiing centers are in this Mounties:  Dombay and Prielbrusie, and Elbrus's white summits s are the symbols of Stavropol resorts. The magnetic Kislovodsk  opens its wings near the northern foot of the Greater Caucasus and the summit of Jinan. The largest European handmade "Tourist" park is in this town. The most important adornment of this park is the Valley of the Roses, which gets its name thanks to numerous and varied roses that bloom in the area of three hectares. The recently renovated Cascade stair, the Air Temple, and the Glass Shack pavilion unwillingly create a romantic mood, wakening delicate emotion and make to feel you a Shakespeare hero. The lyrical mood also accompanies in  Pyatigorsk, which is closely connected with the name of great writer M.Lermontov, as the fight took place here, in which the latter fell. In time, the Lermort Baths (1826-1831), the Diana Cave with (1830-1831) and the Eolie Lyre Pavilion-Rotonda were turned into a tourist destination. It is particular notable the amazing "Proval" lake located between the cliffs at the foot of Mount Massuk.  Just at this place, the "The Great Combinator", Ostap Bender requested a payment for the visit where was placed his statue in 2008. The continuation of the romantic journey and special greetings can also become the "Zero Kilometers" statue of  Yessentuki, which is the symbol  of love and faithfulness consisting of two iron hearts. According to the legend, the dream kept in this place  comes true. The beautiful fountains of the resort, air pavilions, the most beautiful flower-garden, Upper and Lower bathrooms, central inhalator, maxi therapy department, summer solarium, dance and tennis squares, in turn, make the city unique and magnetic. Besides, there are many spiritual and cultural heritage values ​​here:  St. George Monastery, the Church of St. Nicholas and The cathedral of S. Pandallo Doctor. In contrast to all the previous cities, Mineralney Vody besides historical and cultural values and memorials has also other "visit cards"- The Aviation Technik Museum with its rare samples and the Tersky horse breeding with its Arabian coursers, as well as the multitude fishing at the coast of Kuma. By the way, Kuman is described in A. Leskov's "Fascinated Traveler" poem.


The children of “Armenia”

1st of June: this date is important for children for it marks not only the beginning of their favorite season, but also International Day for Protection of Children (Children’s Day).