The undiscovered beauty of the Voronezh Oblast

The undiscovered beauty of the Voronezh Oblast

Voronezh Oblast is mysterious and covered with historical secrets. It has long been one of the favorite places for tourists. They come to meet local interesting myths, touch the magnetic historical values, and see many awesome fortresses and monasteries.

The most famous tourist destination in this oblast is the Castle of Oldenburg. It was a 19th century building and managed to host the Romanovs. The locals love to scare with stories about ghosts and inexplicable phenomena. Mysticism lovers are trying to find evidence of their existence in basement tunnels of castle. Those who do not love fantastic are admired by the luxury of the palace complex. The masters are surprised by the basement heater  that warmed up that vast area.  The flow of tourists and pilgrims does not stop at the largest  Spassky Kostomarovsky cave-monastery complex in Kostomarovo village.  It consists of five  churches and  is based on 12 huge pillars. The hermits’ cells are located on the walls of the  churches. There is also a cave of Repentance in this area. The ceiling of the corridor leading here  gradually diminishes. You are able to enter here only crouched.

Everyone can touch with the history in the Admirals coastal street. This area was chosen by Emperor Peter the Great to create a Russian fleet. He personally led the construction, during which he visited this city 17 times. Now the river is decorated with white arches and the Uspsensky Cathedral. Citizens claimed that the temple was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. The rehabilitation works started in 1970, but continue until today, because of floods and drainage issues.

Blagoveshchensk Cathedral is located in the Pervomaiskiy Garden, the newest and the most famous tourist destination of the city. The construction of this church lasted for ten years. This is one of the highest Orthodox churches in the world. The highest point is 97 meters above sea level. Besides its impressive dimensions, it is well-known with the relics of the S. Metrofan who buried here. By the way, he was the supporter of Peter the Great, and he had anointed the first ships of Russian fleet.
Peter the Great and seafaring are often mentioned in this city. The "Mercury" ship project is also reminiscent of being the birthplace of Voronezh's Russian fleet.  You can only be reached here by boat in summer, while in winter walking on ice. The peculiarity of the sailing vessel is the angle   of curvature, which creates an impression of sinking.

 The citizens have palliated the serious and spiritual atmosphere with humorous statues and  monuments. The most famous is the “Health Chairs №0001”N0001, on which is written:  "Everyone who sits here infected with kindness and gets rid of his penurious nature." It is also  symbolic to deploy the chair near the regional Duma. The other fun "Merchandise and Buyer"  statue-group is placed on the market. The formation with rough and pre-revolutionary tones,    makes the statue more fun.

Voronezh residents have not forgotten the cat and dog lovers. The hero of the same title novel of Gavril Troepolski  White Bim Black ear bronze dog has become a favorite statue of children. Looking at Bim and the children playing around him, unwillingly you become kind and absorb in children’s memories. You remember all the good cartoons at once. When you tilt your head the "Lyuzik street puss" smiles the tourists making photo.


The Ethnographic museum of Armenia “Sardarapat” is actively preparing for the celebration. Several important events will be celebrated here in May: the 100th anniversary of the first republic of Armenia of the Heroic May Battles, 50th anniversary of the Memorial complex to the Heroic Sardarapat Battle, 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Museum of the Armenian ethnography and the history