Lyon - the birthplace of cinematography, exceptional architecture and gourmet cuisine

Lyon - the birthplace of cinematography, exceptional architecture and gourmet cuisine

Each of us has a city with special memories, where you always want to go back to. It can be a city, where your parents are living, where you met your love, or where you simply found yourself.

Lyon is one of that kind. He can surprise you and make you fall in love with him. There is a stormy cultural and club life, flea markets and musical festivals in the city, born by the kiss of two rivers - Rhone and Saône. It’s a perfect place for shopping and city walking. Green parks, charming embankments and historic city center are the jewels of Lyon, which have taken a worthy place in the UNESCO list.

Located 25 km east of the city center Lyon International Airport "Saint Exupéry" accommodates flights from major cities of the world, including Yerevan. Starting from April 19, air company "Armenia" will operate a direct flight Yerevan – Lyon – Yerevan. Tickets are already available on the official website of the air company

And from Lyon itself you can reach anywhere in Europe. There are two main stations in the city, where local and long-distance trains stop at the same frequency. Tickets can be bought at all stations as well as in the city center. There is also a large bus station, where busses from all over France and many European cities stop.  

But when you come to this city, do not rush to leave. It is worth seeing the main attraction of Lyon - Old Town, which is located on the Fourviere hill. The hill is topped by the basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, which was built in 1872-1896.

Over the ancient houses at the foot of the hill stands the Saint-Jean Cathedral, dedicated to John the Baptist. The strict beauty of the cathedral, whose construction continued from the 12th to the 15th century, makes an indelible impression. During the Feast of Light, it appears before the audience in a variety of ways, but compares to its architectural beauty, it all seems superfluous.

Another symbol of Lyon is located on the same hill - a metal tower, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower (in particular a copy of the third tier of the Eiffel Tower). The tower was built in 1892-1894 as a monument to the "republican" architecture. It is used as a television relay tower nowadays.

Series of narrow medieval streets are filled with restaurants and cafes. There are more locations on one square meter of the Gothic and Renaissance of the Old City, than anywhere else on Earth, and superstars of international cuisine from Lyon could form a football team. Here you can taste the famous and elegant, simple and satisfying Lyon cuisine. And there is no contradiction: for simple and satisfying food one must look into the Lyon’s bistro - bushon, and for the refined - in the gourmet restaurant.

Below you can find an ancient theater built in 15 BC. The diameter of the theater is 90 m, that houses about 10 thousand spectators. There is held an annual summer festival "Nights Fourviere" - a unique program of theater and circus performances, dances and concerts.

Lyon is the birthplace of cinema. It was here, where the Lumiere brothers Louis Jean and Auguste Louis Marie Nicolas invented a movie camera, a film projector, filmed first films and showed first cinema performances. Every year Cinematographic Festival after BROTHERS LUMIERE is held here. It is in Lyon, where the Lumière Institute operates, combined with a museum, where you can not only get acquainted with the biography and creativity of the brothers, but also watch their first films. Next to the beautiful Art Nouveau mansion is the "Hangar of the first film" - the one that is captured on video in "Exit of workers from the factory."

The mood and discoveries of the Stavropol Krai

Each summit  has a typical interesting name – Sharp, Obtuse, Bull, Camel, Dagger and etc.  The known and attractive  downhill skiing centers are in this Mounties:  Dombay and Prielbrusie, and Elbrus's white summits s are the symbols of Stavropol resorts.