1. How to check the booking if the booking was purchased on the official site of the Airline?

    On the website www.armeniafly.com  you can check only booking, made on the official website of the Airline. To check your booking you can refer to the website where you purchased the ticket.

  2. Can a booking be cancelled without warning?

    Yes, it can. If the booking period expires before payment has been made, your booking will be cancelled.
    The booking period can vary from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the fare class and whether the time remaining before departure is more or less than three days.

  3. What do I need for the check-in in the airport?

    Take your identity documents — a passport for adults or a birth certificate for a minor — and, if required, a foreign passport and visa as well.
    We also recommend that you take your itinerary receipt with you. It is not required for check-in, but it might be useful as it contains all your flight information.

  4. Can I buy a ticket on the website or I should book only?

    Yes. On www.armeniafly.com   you can book a ticket and then pay for it within a set period of time. If the ticket is not paid for within that time, it is cancelled automatically.

  5. Can I buy tickets online for a group of passengers?

    Yes, you can. There are two ways to do this, depending on the number of people in the group.
    For a group of up to 9 people, open the «Book flights» tab on the main page and book your tickets online.
    If the group includes 10 or more people, you can buy tickets:
    •    via the group bookings special offers page;
    •    by making multiple bookings via «Book flights» tab on the main page;
    •    by dialing our Call Centre on +374 11 747777 

  6. Can any person book a ticket on the website?

    No, unfortunately not everyone. Because some passengers require special booking procedures and mandatory agreements with the airline regarding the terms and conditions carriage, it is not currently possible to issue tickets online for:
    •    unaccompanied children (those under 12 travelling without an adult);
    •    adult passenger with infant under 2 years old occupying separate seat.
    Tickets for passengers in these categories can be bought via an RM sales office, where a ticket sales agent can take all the necessary details and make enquiries about the possibility of such a flight.

  7.  I received “session timed out” message. What should I Do?

    There is an inactivity time limit of 20 minutes on our online service WebPages. If your computer is inactive too long, you will see a «Session timed out» message. In that case you have to start again

  8. Which time is shown at ticket purchase? Local or Yerevan?

    Our website will always state the local time of departure and arrival airports. For example, if a departure from Yerevan is shown as 10:15, then that means 11:45 Moscow local time. 

Our destinations

Voronezh Voronezh from ֏25,524

Mineralnye Vody Mineralnye Vody from ֏25,524

Beirut Beirut from ֏90,635

Tbilisi Tbilisi from ֏35,941

London London from ֏240,651


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