Arrival to Yerevan

Flight No Scheduled departure Origination airport Scheduled arrival Estimated time Zvartnots zone Status Actual arrival
NGT 725 17, 06:00 TBILISI TBS 17.12.2018 06:30 On time
NGT 732 17, 14:20 LYON LYS 17.12.2018 18:30 On time

Departure from Yerevan

Flight No Destination airport Check-in start/end Gate Status Scheduled departure Actual departure Scheduled arrival
NGT 726 TBILISI TBS Take Off 15.12.2018 07:00 15, 07:11 15, 07:30
NGT 726 TBILISI TBS 16, 04:00 On time 16.12.2018 07:00 16, 07:30
NGT 747 VORONEZH VOZ 16, 10:20 On time 16.12.2018 13:20 16, 15:30
NGT 726 TBILISI TBS 17, 04:00 On time 17.12.2018 07:00 17, 07:30
NGT 731 LYON LYS 17, 05:45 On time 17.12.2018 08:45 17, 13:20


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14.05.2018 - “Armenia” air-company has a new pilot-in-command: the pilot has left UAE and came back to his homeland

The pilot with 33-years’ experience has left UAE and returned to his homeland after receiving an offer from the air company “Armenia”.  

12.09.2018 - Voronezh and the Armenians: what is the Armenian community doing?

In the airplane to Voronezh, the 90% of the passengers are Armenians- mainly with Russian citizenship. They have spent the summer holidays in the Armenian land and now they are going back to Russia- Voronezh by different reasons- outgoing work, asphalt work. At the airport of Voronezh the first landing are also Armenians.

16.08.2018 - The Armenians hurry to help: the unbelievable adventures of the children’s ensemble in Italy.

Dancing group “Lernetsiner (the Lernetsis)” will remember their trip to Italy for the rest of their lives. It’s unknown how everything was going to end for the Armenian guys in the age of 8-23 if the help of the diaspora members didn’t come in time.

01.08.2016 - «Armenia» opens the wings

Boeing 737-500 of «Aircompany Armenia», which operated its first flight to Moscow on August 1st, was welcomed in “Vnukovo” airport as it customary with water arc...