He also entrusts us with his luggage…

He also entrusts us with his luggage…

In all the seasons of the year we are the ones who provide your New Year’s magic- a

magic when the hours’ count, the safe flight and warm atmosphere reverse the

geographical boundaries. And this photo story is your New Year’s magic- with us.


That doesn’t matter that he is the most famous Grandpa: the queue is for everyone.

“You may send your CV for Dzyunanush’s  vacant  position, gorgeous!”

(in English “Dzyunanush” means Sweet snow; in the Armenian

traditions it’s Santa Clause’s granddaughter, who is one of the

children’s favorite New Year characters),- this is what the smiling Santa Claus says.

The safe transfer of your wishes.

The deer has retired. The Santa Claus has chosen “Armenia” Air-company.

The New Year’s mood is so catching- from the escalator to the plane.

“It’s so good that 5-year old Narek changed his mind:

otherwise I would have problems in the checkpoint”.

“But I think we should travel somewhere after the holidays: I’ll tell

one of the elves to make a phone-call and book two tickets to Tel Aviv”.

“Oh~, old age… There’re only two steps left to get into the plane and I just remembered

that I have left my travel  pillow. Though, they say that the plane is very comfortable”.

He also entrusts us with his luggage. 

Author: Zara Ghazaryan
Photos: Vaghinak Ghazaryan

10 points: What should be done in Voronezh

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