Air-Company “Armenia” Talks about Interesting Things: From a Large Aviation Exhibition to a Fairy Tale in a Small Village

Air-Company “Armenia” Talks about Interesting Things: From a Large Aviation Exhibition to a Fairy Tale in a Small Village

To the already established tradition of holding the annual air show at the Voronezh airport, a new one was added - the active participation of air-company “Armenia”  in it. For residents of Voronezh and partner air-companies, this is a real feast in which both tourists and local residents take part enthusiastically.

Each airline can submit its proposals, communicate with both potential and regular customers and loyal clients- the regular passengers.

Even before the start of the performance, the pavilion of the air-company “Armenia” was reviving. Interesting suggestions and discussions were supplemented by a national treat: guests of the pavilion were treated to Armenian drinks, aromatic apricots, grapes and dried fruits.

Air-company “Armenia” operates three flights in the direction Yerevan – Voronezh – Yerevan weekly. Amid growing interest in the air-company, an increase in the number of flights is inevitable.

n his interview with reporters, the deputy director of “Armenia” shared the plans of the air-company: “This is just the beginning. Each time coming to Voronezh, seeing growing demand and studying the local market, we understand that there is a room for development. In the future, together with Uzbek airlines, we plan to carry out transit flights in the directions Yerevan – Voronezh – Tashkent and Tashkent – Voronezh – Yerevan. Due to transit flights, passenger flow will increase as well. ”

Appearing at an air show in his unusual suit, the Deputy General Director of Voronezh Airport, while taking pictures with everyone, answered numerous questions from journalists. “Interest in Armenia is growing from year to year. There’s a huge demand in the company. After all, the most important thing is the attitude towards the client. Only a few air-companies in the territory of the former USSR can provide their customers with such a high level of comfort”, noted the airport’s deputy director.

Those present were impressed by the Armenian hospitality, the atmosphere and traditions of which begin already on board. High professionalism, comfort and a heightened sense of responsibility are complemented by "bonuses": delicious food and sociability of the flight attendants.

But let us get off the plane and return to the air show, where the drawing of airline tickets for “Armenia” air-company started. The one who took the lucky  air-ticket had the opportunity to fly to Yerevan. As in any draw, luck determines the victory, and that day the luckies was Ivan Matveev.  On receiving a certificate from the deputy director of the air-company, he said: “This is a great continuation of the summer! I will certainly come on vacation with my friends. ”

Pleasant Addition: Surprises of the Magical Privalovka

We would like to share something very significant on this point. Arriving in Voronezh with with air-company, our  group of journalist found out that the air-company had a lot of friends there. They offered us a large tour package. One of the tours was a trip to a small, magical village Privalovka. It’s hard to transfer the amazing atmosphere in Privalovka through words, together with delicious smell and taste of the food made by the caring local women. In the magical village where the women seemed to have come out of a fairytale themselves, they offered the guests to taste their dishes, watch the performance of the music band. Tasting real homemade food and receiving energy from drinks, it was already the right time to dance.

Luckily, our photographer managed to take some photos of the most interesting and colorful moments before joining the national feast.

Author: Zara Ghazaryan

Photographer: Vaghinak Ghazaryan

28.02.2018 - Interview with head of the flight service of aircompany "Armenia"  Albert Karapetyan

On March 5, our new group of pilots will leave for training, one as a commander of the aircraft and the other as a pilot.

20.12.2019 - 35 years in flight! The pilot’s path from fighting for Artsakh liberation to Afghanistan and Iraq. Armenian pilot dedicated his life to aviation.

Laconic and kind, trustworthy pilot Eduard Karapetyan has been “in-flight” for 35 years and is going to serve the Armenian aviation for another 10 years.

12.09.2018 - Voronezh and the Armenians: what is the Armenian community doing?

In the airplane to Voronezh, the 90% of the passengers are Armenians- mainly with Russian citizenship. They have spent the summer holidays in the Armenian land and now they are going back to Russia- Voronezh by different reasons- outgoing work, asphalt work. At the airport of Voronezh the first landing are also Armenians.

23.11.2018 - Air-company “Armenia” goes on surprising its passengers by unprecedented “Black Friday” sales

On 23rd of November there was a huge queue of passengers  in the head office of the air-company “Armenia”  from the early morning. “Armenia” had joined the famous international “Black Friday”  shopping day, offering its passengers a big sale of more than 70 % for the Russian and European directions two-way air-tickets.